It does not have to be difficult to make money. You are in the right place if you are still a student or searching for innovative ways to make extra revenue from home.

Even if making $100 a day from writing can seem to be hard, it does not have to be.

Everyone’s dream is to make money from what they do. If you are talented in writing, you should surely make a living out of it. In this post, I’m going to share three unique ways to make money as a writer. You are going to see that it is easy to make money from writing. Not everyone is talented in writing; if you are, you are in an advantageous position.

These ideas are legit and if you take action and apply them yourself you will start seeing money coming your way.

3 Smart Ways to Make Money as a Writer

Enter Writing Competitions and Contests

Writing competitions are the best way to start. Most of the writing competitions that I have come across and participated in, in my writing career have prizes ranging from $100 to several thousand dollars. If you have high-quality work that you believe can influence and entertain people, you can participate in these competitions. You don’t have anything to lose.

You retain the rights to your work. While most organizations holding writing contests allow you to retain the rights to your work, some state that any submission made becomes their property. It is therefore important to read and understand well the submission guidelines.

Search for those contests that do not charge a submission fee. Go for those contests that allow submission of previously published works and those that allow simultaneous submission into more than one writing genre.

We post such contests here on this page.

Freelance Write from Home or Work

Most of us have physical jobs. That means you have an area of expertise that you can offer services on, for example, accountancy, photography, marketing, health practice, etc.

With such golden skills, you can offer for-hire services from home. You can boost your earnings if you secure an account on writing platforms such as Upwork and iWriter as clients post their jobs there and all you have to do is select a job that best fits you and pitch the client.

You can also pitch editors of magazines and websites so that you can write articles for them at a fee.

Publish Your eBook(s) Online

If you have the skill of writing fiction or even non-fiction book you can write a book, memoir or a guide. After you have written your, publish it online and sell them on the best e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc.

Consider selling your eBooks on Payhip to maximize your revenue. Make sure that you market your book to generate enough leads to your e-book sales page.

So, we have covered your smart ways of earning money as a writer, what is the final say? If you want to make money, the only way you can earn real money is by working.

Spending hours on YouTube and reading endless blogs about making money will not give you any money. Take actionable steps. Patience is a virtue as a writer.

Keep working and writing and let me know which of these three methods are your favourites!

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