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Let's talk about how you can make it out here as a black freelancer.

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I have a podcast for freelancers to fill a void that they may not know about. Being a freelancer is not as easy as it looks especially if you come from Africa. Sure, you get to be your own boss – and that’s a really big incentive – but there are many complicated aspects to managing your own work.
That's what we cover in our indepth weekly episodes.

...then what?

Alpha Black Podcast is a unique weekly podcast featuring indepth insights in the freelancing world by Moses, a freelancer-turned-business-builder. Moses has been in the freelancing business as a professional writer for more than 6 years now and have worked not only with online publishers but with local businesses to provide high-quality digital content for their customers.

Instead of typical interviews, each week I come to you with two new episodes covering one of the following goals; overcoming the feast/famine cycle and scaling their service business as well as exquisite must-have skills to be successful at your craft. The highly acclaimed, top-rated podcast is a weekly dive into what it really takes to go from freelancing to running a successful business.

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